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Eaglesway Ltd

I adore you and continuously marvel at the light that you are. You help me vibrate at a higher
frequency. Keep sprinkling your fairy dust my love.

Only Love

Unity is very knowledgeable in health care. She intuitively knows what is required and does her best to present a protocol to follow. In 8 yrs I have consulted her many times and she was always 'right on'.

As always
Nellie Readner

Unity, My Earth Angel. Ever since I met her, about 4 years ago, she has been there for me, assisting me on my Healing Path.

Much gratitude and love and light.

Unity has been very supportive and helpful in all the things I've asked from her. She is very patient, kind and thoughtful.  She wants the best for everyone.


Unity is an intuitive person who is passionate about bettering the spiritual, mental and physical health of herself and others.  Over the past 7 years I have appreciated her counsel and advice in many areas of alternative healing and have found that she has a wealth of knowledge.  I enjoy her exuberant enthusiasm, encouragement and intuitive nature.

Virginia Finnie

THANKS Unity for introducing us to Young Living Therapeutic Grade Pure Essential Oils.  Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils changed our Health Dramatically.  


Unity has a unique way of translating the deepest of messages. She liberally uses laughter as a way shower as she helps you unveil the deeper truths. Quite often our views of life are based on the absurd and from a view of separation from the Greater. She can gently and profoundly move you closer to union with "All that Is". She uses a variety of techniques and is intuitively guided to use the one that will best serve that moment. She is a brilliant demonstration of Love.


I know I can always count on Unity for information when I ask of her.  She always answers her emails that I send, for this I'm thankful.  She's been very supportive and keeps things confidential.  

Josie Senft

When you look up the definition of Unity in the dictionary, you see that it means the state of being united or forming a whole with all that is. When you meet Unity-you see that she represents the state of being united-forming a whole with all that is.  She has the ability to view all of life-humanity and experiences as a whole, complete unit.

Imagine, being handed everything that you think would make you the best possible person. Unity will hand you a mirror, tell you to take a look--you are already perfect in this moment and love all that is in your experience, unconditionally.

LeNora Faye

Unity has been an inspiration in leadership sharing and teaching with unconditional love for many years. Thank you Unity for paving the way for others to FREEDOM.

Heather Cooke